• Site Evaluation
• Septic Design
• Soil Testing
• Wood Lot Surveys
• Property Lines
• Topographic
• Subdivisions
• Building Layouts
• Land Surveying
• As-Built
• Forensic Surveys
• Survey Services

About SurveyWorks, Inc.
The SurveyWorks, Inc. (SWI) team is bringing a new concept to the area, working together with local governments and professionals to provide a full range of technical and environmental services for the private homeowner, real estate and development industries.

SWI’s Team Approach
When project needs require, SWI will team up with other professionals or specialists in the field in order to successfully complete each of our projects and to assure the best product/service to our clients.

SWI’s Mission
Our mission is to provide our clients with the confidence needed to accomplish any of their land planning goals. We are committed to providing a prompt and accurate service tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Corporate Description
Founded in 1989, SurveyWorks Inc. is a privately held company providing a wide variety of technical services to the real estate and development industries throughout the State of Maine. Our professional staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the surveying, soils and land use planning fields.

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“The SurveyWorks, Inc. team is committed to our community. Through local events such as demonstrations for Boy Scout Troops, to demonstrations at the local elementary school, SurveyWorks, Inc. employees enjoy sharing their knowledge (and toys) with the potential future surveyors of our community.”
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